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You will say, I think, that you just apprehend what pretty ladies square measure. you recognize the style of their scent, the smile of their laugh, the magic of their voice. you recognize their face within the second before it smiles, within the moment before it laughs, and you're thinking that you recognize heaven given human kind once she touches your skin – soft and delicate, sleek and electrical – stretched taut across your tingling arm. you may check out eyes colored deepest blue, or skin thus pale that she shimmers as if a ghost on foreign isles –

However she isn't a ghost, she is there, flesh and blood, Associate in Nursing angel given lease to dwell upon the world, a siren unchained upon the globe, as a result of sure she couldn’t be the rest, as a result of solely myths have that gorgeous face and superb kind, solely goddesses possess that scent that's directly the foremost stunning and delectable sensation wafting off her skin. you may check out her, and decision her tall, and thin, and exquisite, and within the heart of your mind you'd label her pretty and dwell, in your dreams, upon the set of her eyes and therefore the curl of her lips.

But then you're in all probability a fool, as a result of {you do|you square measure doing} not apprehend what pretty ladies are. you'd suppose them a grotesque mockery of everything that produces girls stunning, a gross travesty of everything that girls square measure to men. you'd humble them, and belittle them just by leveling appearance with cuteness, to genetic probability and random fate with beauty. you recognize nothing – nothing – of simply however pretty girls may be.

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